LIVE OIL™ 6000mg


Premium full-spectrum, high CBD, hemp oil extract:

6000mg total CBD
– 4 ounce bottle
– 120 Servings
– 50mg CBD per serving
– Natural flavor
– Our high CBD hemp is exclusively grown for Hempsi™
– Made from USDA certified organic whole flower
– Hand-harvested, flash frozen and cold extracted
– 3rd party tested. See full panel COA below
– Always less than 0.3% Total THC (Allowed by federal law)

“Smell, Taste and Experience the Hempsi™ LIVE OIL™ Difference.”

VERY IMPORTANT:  If you are at all concerned about drug testing, you should NOT take ANY full-spectrum CBD oil, as there is the remote possibility of testing positive, even when the CBD Oil is below the 0.3% federal legal limit.


DUE to the huge discount on the 3000mg and 6000mg tincture bottles, there are NO REFUNDS offered on these 2 sizes. If you have not yet tried Hempsi LIVE OIL, we recommend you try the 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg tinctures first before ordering the 3000mg or 6000mg bottles. Thank you.

Note: Please watch the video and read the documents below.

$249.97 $199.97 / month
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Listen to why Hempsi™ LIVE OIL™ is the ‘Gold Standard’:

Key Facts About
Hempsi™ Whole Flower LIVE OIL™

Hempsi™ customers say they can literally smell, taste, and experience the LIVE OIL™ difference. That’s because we start with the finest quality hemp plants, grown on an USDA certified organic farm in Oregon. The hemp is hand harvested and immediately flash frozen to preserve the maximum level of plant terpenes.

Then a cutting-edge cold hydrocarbon extraction process is used to preserve the full benefits of the plant and ultimately produce the highest quality CBD oil. Hempsi’s new High CBD, Whole Flower, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract contains a wide-range of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to deliver the “entourage effect” that makes Hempsi™ LIVE OIL™ so effective.

The most common description for the natural taste of Hempsi™ LIVE OIL™ is “earthy” or “weedy.” Only Mother Nature could have put more care, time, and effort into developing this tincture.

Premium Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Coconut Oil.

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