Hempsi™ Product Returns and Refund Policy

Last updated: May 25, 2020

All products carry an unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied following your initial purchase of any Hempsi™ product, simply return the unused portion of the product to us for a full refund.  Our Customer care department will be delighted to assist you with instructions on the return process.  Contact us at the number below.

If we receive a returned product within 30 days or initial purchase, we will issue a full refund or replace the product.

We make no claims that our products will cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any health conditions or diseases, or claims as to any benefits from our products. If you decide to purchase our products, your decision is based on your own opinions as to any benefits these products may provide.

By purchasing products on this website, you agree and understand the products purchased contain hemp-derived cannabinoids. While our manufacturing facilities are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and certified for FDA-required current Good Manufacturing Practices, these products have not been evaluated by the FDA for safety and / or efficacy. 

Your purchase of product and acceptance of the terms of purchase means you agree to and understand the refund policy.  We reserve the right to refuse sale of products.

How Do I Return A Product?

Just contact our Customer Care department at +1 (844) 443-6774.  A Customer care representative will discuss your concerns with the product and will assist you in how to return the product. 

If there is a problem with the quality of the product we shipped to you, please pardon the inconvenience, and allow us the opportunity to address the issue and cover the cost of shipping.  For other returns, or if you just are not pleased with the product, we will deduct the price of ground shipping from the refund of the purchase price.

As long as we receive the returned product within 30 days, the price of the refunded product should show up in your account within 1-2 billing cycles. If you would like a replacement rather than a refund, great! We will ship you a replacement product and will waive shipping fees. For repeated product returns or on other rare occasions, we reserve the right to refuse a refund or replacement.

Damage Due to Freight Or Shipping

All of our products are tested for quality, and all shipments are carefully inspected before leaving the warehouse. Upon delivery, please check your product carefully for accuracy and to ensure it was not  damaged during the shipping transit. All claims for missing and/or damaged product must be made within 48 hours of receipt of product.

Please contact us and provide detailed information for any product missing and/or damaged during shipping within that time.  We will ask you for a full description and review the circumstances and assist you with the return process. At our choice, we will refund the purchase price or replace the product at our expense.

Contact Us

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